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Living abroad for a few months is an experience that will never be forgotten. This is something we are proud of and are eager to support others to follow, but we have experienced that it is significantly difficult to find a suitable company abroad. Often students are required to seek the support of an expense intermediary to be saved by the bell the day before the deadline. This causes that students and companies are most of the time not the perfect match and this will effect the performance of the company. Due to those reasons we have taken the initiative to help companies find a talent that is specifically aligned with the needs of the company. After receiving great feedback in our research we are here to present what you have been looking for.

The organization is always up for an inspiring story regarding a travel journey or a business case. Those two things is what wakes us up in the morning and what satisfies us to fall a sleep in the evening. Globalizaton is something that is affecting almost any individual in the world, but only a few are truly pursuing to catch up with the speed. We are one of those people that are fascinated by a company that has expanded their business, a video that goes viral, or an individual that discovers a new way of living in another country. Acquiring a certain set of skills and the international experience that come along with it create a very unique personality that companies are looking for to keep up with the global speed of business. We wil remain chasing this down. Are you with us?

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We consist of a team that has seen both sides of the story. Being an intern we understand the desires of finding the right company and as an employee we have come to the understanding that the workforce is the most important factor of a successful business. Combining these two identities brings us to the tool that will help your company succeed as well.

Stijn Wollerich

My adventure started as a third year student of an International Business and Management study in Monterrey in Mexico. I had the change to experience a completely different aspect of life, and that was amazing! It’s an experience that has changed my life for sure. Since Mexico does not represent the whole world, I was eager to accept the challange to discover the unknown land of Japan. The city Tokyo with 32 million inhabitants has everything to offer you could possibly think of and therefore I have not completed my journey yet.

Ruben Wollerich, Co-Founder of Nimble

Ruben Wollerich

As an International Business and Management student, I have been to Krakow in Poland for five months for a semester exchange. This was an incredible experience! I’ve both worked and partied a lot, but foremost I have learned a lot. A year after I wanted to go a little further from home and a graduation work placement was a great challange to do this. The booming economy in Panama-City has given me a complete different perspective of South-America. I love it.

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